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Hy Stor Energy is developing and advancing green hydrogen production, storage, and delivery at scale in the United States. In partnership with Connor, Clark & Lunn Infrastructure, Hy Stor Energy is tackling the most complex challenge facing today’s energy transition: long-duration storage of renewables at commercial scale to provide energy reliability and resilience in an increasingly fossil-free world. By commercializing and operating large-scale, long-duration green hydrogen hubs, Hy Stor Energy is creating a model for producing, storing, and delivering 100% carbon-free energy

Our team brings experience, understanding, and a demonstrated track record in the category of energy systems and markets.

The Hy Stor Energy processes will be 100% renewable, and our product will be green hydrogen produced from dedicated renewables and associated hydrogen storage at scale. Our first project will be a first-of-its-kind Mississippi Clean Hydrogen Hub. This project will allow for the production and storage of green hydrogen to serve business, industrial, transportation and utility sectors across Mississippi, neighboring states, and the entire Eastern US with low-cost, reliable green energy supply, 365 days a year, day, and night.

The Mississippi Clean Hydrogen Hub’s fully integrated approach will serve as a blueprint to replace fossil fuel safely and reliably through:

  • On-site green hydrogen produced through electrolysis and renewable power from dedicated solar and wind
  • Long-duration, underground salt cavern storage providing multi-day, multi-week, and seasonal energy storage that can be dispatched on demand
  • Access to both new and existing distribution infrastructure – including pipelines, transmission lines, rail, highways, ports, and rivers – to deliver flexible, safe, 100% renewable energy to end-users

In an era of increasing extreme weather events, it’s imperative to store large quantities of renewable energy capable of providing multiple days of power over long periods of high demand. Renewables and batteries can only get us so far. We need a solution to bridge the distribution gap: utilizing both new and existing infrastructure to deliver flexible, safe, 100% renewable energy to end users.

Hy Stor Energy’s Mississippi Clean Hydrogen Hub will bring tremendous value, including:

  • 24/7 Reliability: Long-term energy storage that can be dispatched on demand, offering a reliable and flexible green hydrogen energy source to support zero carbon emissions targets with intermittent renewable sources. Hy Stor Energy will provide multi-day, multi-week and seasonal energy storage that can be dispatched on demand. The only alternative to achieve this duration today is fossil fuels. Hy Stor Energy will deliver zero-carbon energy even when the sun is not shining or the wind is not blowing, which is critical to clean energy 7×24.
  • Scalability at Lower Cost: Pairing on-site green hydrogen production with long-duration salt cavern storage and access to existing distribution systems – gas pipelines, rail, ports, and highways – offers economies of scale at reduced costs.  The technologies to produce and store green hydrogen are proven and available today; now Hy Stor Energy is bringing these technologies together at scale to accelerate the development of the U.S. hydrogen economy.
  • 100% Emission Free: Green hydrogen, when produced and burned, emits no CO2, only water vapor. 

Green hydrogen plays a vital role in global decarbonization by offering a viable pathway towards zero emissions. Green hydrogen is produced by splitting water into two parts – hydrogen and oxygen – via electrolysis that uses renewable electricity like sun and wind. The process creates zero carbon emissions and offers a reliable, clean energy source to replace the fossil fuels in a variety of industries including transportation, power generation, and difficult to decarbonize sectors, such as manufacturing and industrials.

No other project is 100% green hydrogen production and green hydrogen storage at our scale in the United States.

There are a host of factors why Hy Stor Energy chose Mississippi, a well-established energy-producing state, for its first green hydrogen hub, including:

  • Distinct geology, with naturally occurring underground salt formations that can support the development of large caverns, allowing for the safe and effective storage of several years’ worth of green hydrogen
  • Abundance of available water and renewable energy from the sun and wind to facilitate the production of green hydrogen energy
  • Strategic geographic location with proximity to existing distribution infrastructure such as interstate gas transportation pipelines and electric transmission lines, as well as interstate highways, rail lines, deepwater ports, and the Mississippi River
  • A collaborative business environment eager to invest in clean energy technologies and job creation

The development and commercialization phases of the Mississippi Clean Hydrogen Hub will stimulate economic growth and clean energy jobs for decades to come, bringing education and workforce development opportunities and attracting new manufacturing and industrial companies to the state. 

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– Lieutenant Governor of Mississippi Delbert Hosemann
“Mississippi's well-established and robust energy network is strategically positioned to support Hy Stor Energy and the growth of a Mississippi hydrogen hub. We welcome this innovative opportunity to share our unique salt dome storage capacity and our trained workforce.”
– Speaker of the Mississippi House of Representatives Philip Gunn
“We’re excited to welcome Hy Stor Energy and hydrogen innovators to Mississippi. Their investment and eventual success here will improve workforce development, bring high paying jobs to our state, and encourage other businesses to invest in the talent and infrastructure we’ve built together.”
– Jess New, Executive Director of the Mississippi State Oil and Gas Board
“This project is an incredibly exciting opportunity for the State of Mississippi and will hopefully generate a great deal of economic energy and growth. As an agency, we are excited about the project’s potential.”
– Mississippi Public Service Commission
“The development of the Mississippi Clean Hydrogen Hub will significantly assist our economic development efforts both directly and indirectly, as well as assist industries in achieving sustainability goals. We ask that you join us in supporting Hy Stor Energy’s Mississippi Clean Hydrogen Hub project and help let the path to a hydrogen economy start here in Mississippi.”
– Simpson County Board of Supervisors
“We believe this project will provide a tremendous stimulus for our local economy through the development and construction of this project and future employment of skilled employees and will be a significant benefit to our citizens.”
– Perry County Board of Supervisors
“We stand ready to assist Hy Stor Energy because the proposed hydrogen hub offers critical benefits to our region. Ours is a diverse community and the prospect of developing clean, reliable, and affordable green hydrogen would aid our growth and well-being of our citizens.”
– Smith County Board of Supervisors
“Hy Stor Energy brings a business that will not only provide well-paying jobs, but also attract other businesses located in our county seeking the benefits of a reliable source of clean energy in green hydrogen.”
– Pascal Baylocq President and CEO Geostock Holding SA
“Over the past decades, GEOSTOCK has worked with the management team of Hy Stor Energy and was involved in the development of large scale salt gas storage in various places in the Gulf Coast Region. Based on that experience, we believe that Hy Stor Energy is uniquely qualified to undertake and deliver this ambitious and ground-breaking green energy project.”
– Matt Weaver, Business Development Manager – North America of Nel Hydrogen
“We have worked with a number of cutting-edge and innovative hydrogen-related projects across the world. Based on that experience, we believe that the Mississippi Clean Hydrogen Hub proposed by Hy Stor Energy is truly groundbreaking and can serve as a model for green hydrogen efforts going forward.”
– Dan Pastor, P.E. Senior Vice President Special Project Tetra Tech
“Tetra Tech has worked extensively with the Hy Stor Energy staff over the past decade to design, permit, and build large scale underground gas storage and distribution facilities in salt formations in multiple locations around the United States. Based on that experience, we believe Hy Stor Energy is uniquely qualified to undertake and deliver this ambitious and groundbreaking green energy project.”
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